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  • Via Ferrata, Balkan Natural Adventure
    Via Ferrata in groups in weekends

    Enjoy Via Ferrata and Zip Line with diverse organized groups every Saturday and Sunday or book your private tour at your best convenience. In the tour, we include a specialized briefing about equipment, advice, and guidance in the Via Ferrata. FOR YOUR PRIVATE TOUR ON THE WEEKEND OR DURING THE WEEK CLICK HERE You do not have to be a hiker! You do not have to be strong! All you need is to want to join the Via Ferrata and Zipline group every Saturday and Sunday in Peja. With the groups as a bonus, you get a walk on the longest Tibetan bridge in Kosovo for all those who brave the Via Ferrata. Meeting at 10:30 at the visitor center in Peja next to the Patriarchate. Via Ferrata Euro 15 per person, group 5 people one comes for free. Package Via Ferrata and Zip Line euro 22 per person, group discount. Don’t forget the bonus walk in the longest Tibetan bridge in Kosovo. You can also book your private tour in Ferrata or Zipline any day of the week. Balkan Natural Adventure is a registered trademark in Kosovo and offers private tours for people from all around the world. In […]

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  • Berat (2)
    Berat One Day City Visits

    Berat, the city of “thousand windows” will offer you breathtaking views of white building located in hills, dating from the Ottoman Empire. Highlights: The Ethnographic Museum, The Castle of Berat, Mangalem and Gorica, Medieval Part of Berat The Ethnographic Museum and the Castle First, your trip will start with a walk from your hotel to the Ethnographic Museum of Berat. It is located is a 18th century residence and represents the way of life of prominent families and the tradition of locals as well. It holds nearly 1200 cultural heritage objects. The ethnographers placed all the pieces beautifully within the building. Secondly, after visiting the museum, you will take a walk or drive (as you prefer) to the Castle of Berat. The castle will offer you breathtaking views of the city. Inside there are a lot of houses, bars, restaurants and the people living there never hesitate to welcome tourists. They can tell you every part of the history and never get tired of that. The castle was built in the 13th century and it also holds churches and mosques and the famous Onfuri Museum inside of it. Next, you will enjoy the lunch in the castle. Historic Neighborhoods and […]

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  • Osumi 09
    Berat and Osumi Canyon in one day

    Berat offers you great views by having a lot of white buildings situated in hills and dating from the Ottoman Empire. It is also known as the city of a thousand windows. Highlights: Castle, Onufri Museum, Osumi Canyon, Ethnographic Museum Osumi Canyon and the Castle of Berat You start the trip driving to Osumi Canyon. It is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Balkans. River Osumi passes by, it has a rich flora and fauna and the water is very clear. Also, there are a lot of bird species. Different rock formations are found along the canyon and some of them are even named like “The Eye”, “The Demon’s Door”, etc. The Ethnographic Museum of Berat is the next visit. It is located is a 18th century residence and represents the way of life of prominent families and the tradition of locals as well. It holds nearly 1200 cultural heritage objects. All the pieces are beautifully placed within the residence by the ethnographers. After that, you will have lunch in the castle and continue with visiting the castle and Onufri Museum. The castle was built around 13th century. Inside there are houses, bars, restaurants, bazaar and museums. The […]

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  • Shkodra
    Shkodra one day city visit

    Shkodra is an old town with a spectacular view between the lake and mountains. The capital city of Illyria holds so many cultural pieces and makes your stop so worth it. Highlights: Rozafa Castle, Marubi Museum, bird-watching, Mesi Bridge City Visit and Rozafa Castle Your tour will start with Shkodra city visit. The city center is surrounded with beautiful buildings. Some of them are so colorful that light up the whole atmosphere. Small bars with different kinds of designs make you fall in love with the place. After, you drive to Rozafa Castle. It represents the main sightseeing in Shkoder. It raises on a rocky hill 130 meters above sea level. The castle was built during antiquity and endures the Roman and Ottoman Empires. It has three main courtyards. There you can see the Illyrian Wall, Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque which was the Church of St. Stephen once and some medieval ruins. Rivers Kir, Buna and Drin join in the third courtyard. Your next destination will be Shiroka. While walking beside the lake you can do some birdwatching. Shiroka has a lot of bird species like pelicans, whistles and many more. Also, there you will have lunch enjoying the lake […]

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  • BunkArt (2)
    Tirana one day city visits

    Tirana, the capital city of Albania is mostly known for its architecture which is affected by different eras such as the Ottoman, Fascist and Soviet era. Highlights: National Museum, Skenderbeg Square, The main boulevard, Mother Teresa Square, Tirana’s Pyramid, BUNK’ART Museum National Museum and Skenderbeg Square Content: You will start the tour with the National Museum that holds the most important pieces of the Albanian history. Its facade which is made by a modernist mosaic and shows the Albanians proud and always celebrating victories since the Illyrian times. There you can see some archaeological treasures, a gallery of those who suffered persecution during the communist regime. Besides that, there is a replica of Skenderbeu’s sword and some other historical statues and mosaics. From the museum you will continue to Skenderbg Square. A national hero, Skenderbeu has the statue in the middle of the square. It offers you a great view surrounded by beautiful pastel buildings. Also, in the city center you will visit an Orthodox Cathedral, blloku – where the members of communist parties used to live during the communist regime. Villa of Enver Hoxha (an Albanian politician and dictator) is the next thing you will see from the outside […]

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  • Gracanica Monastery
    Western Kosovo Political Tour

    Through this one day tour you take you to spots where recent history was created, a Western Kosovo political tour in which myths and politics are mixed. Highlights: Vushtrri, Main Kosovo Liberation Army Monument, the Mitrovica division bridge; Battle of Kosovo monument – Gazimestan. Driving time: 2 hrs 30 minutes The Kosovo political tour will start with The Gracanica Monastery one of the oldest buildings in the Kosovo’s religious sphere. A centerpiece of cultural Kosovo, the Monastery was built in the 14th century. Inside the stunningly preserved paintings cover all of the walls. Look straight up and you’ll see the face of Christ in the topmost dome enigmatically smiling down at you. After that, you will explore the Battle of Kosovo monuments with the Gazimestan and the Sultan Murad Turbës (or tombs) visits. You’ll step back in time to the one event that has defined Kosovo for over 600 years: The 1389 Battle of Kosovo Field. Ottoman forces defeated the allied Christian forces of Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Hungary. They controlled Kosovo and most of the Balkans for 500 years. It also led to Kosovo becoming the only place outside of Turkey where Ottomans buried a part of Ottoman Sultan. […]

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  • Maja Hasanit4
    Hasan’s Peak or Maja e Hasanit

    This is short sweet and a very nice hike to a mountain peak 1900 meters altitude. However it is still a mountain and needs some efforts to summit it. Balkan Natural Adventure has added Maja e Hasanit or Hasan’s Peak to the list of short hikes in Kosovo from Peja because this trail fulfils some specific criteria. We believe its a best combination for someone who wants to climb a peak in a shorter time, without being in top shape. Climbing Hasan’s Peak takes 3 to 4 hours or 6.2 kilometres with 350 meters altitude difference return. These numbers make this an easy hike: More than a promenade to Livadhi Sakes and less than liking Lake Liqenat – and iot includes a summit.  In winter the starting time for Maja e Hasanit can be in late morning. After a small transfer through mostly asphalt road you will park and then start the hike. The trail goes through nice dirt road to continue shortly through a wood. The last part of the walk is in the crest from where you will enjoy majestic views. In the summer this short hike in Kosovo can be an afternoon hike starting after lunch at 15:00 […]

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  • 20180424 141443
    Hiking and archery in Kosovo

    You can enjoy archery and hiking in Kosovo. This small excursion will fill your day with excitement and beautiful views on the Rugova Gorge and the City of Peja. You will start in the morning and the guide will walk with you to Livadhi i Sakes. This is a two hours hike through a small pine tree wood, path and meadows. You will be parallel to the river Lumbardhi for more than e kilometre. Your hike will take up to two hours and it is suitable for kids as the altitude change is not too big. At the top of the hike you can enjoy the view in the city of Peja and feel the breeze of the Accursed Mountains. Here your guide and archery instructor will assemble a bow and will set up the place for shooting. The instructor will advise you step by step for your shooting in one particular place. This 30 thousand year old sport is always fun for any age. Based on your request we will bring the bow most suitable for the age group of the participants. This is archery and hiking in Kosovo tour which can be combined with a Zip Line flight. […]

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  • 20180509 120909
    Try Archery 

    Try archery in Kosovo next to the river. This is an activity taking place next to the city of Peja but still in the nature and outdoors. Together with our archery guide you will be able to shoot arrows at different targets.  Compete with your friends or just have fun. You will be guided by a trained archer who will also teach you the basics in terms of safety and shooting arrows. This 30 thousand year old sport is fun and open to all ages. Balkan Natural Adventure has a variety of bows, including those for children starting at 8 years old. All of our bows are recurve. Our shooting range is next to the river and there are cafes and restaurants just 100 meters from there and try archery in Kosovo. This is an activity which takes one to two hours and can be very nicely combined with a pick nick that you can bring and eat next to the river or with a lunch served in one of the cafes. It can also be combined with Via Ferrata or a zip line activity also provided by our company. For a more active group you can check hike and […]

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  • Kosovo cultural
    Kosovo daily excursions

    You are in Kosovo and you feel like having a guided tour to get as much as possible in a short time? You based in Kosovo you have guests and you want to take them for a daily Kosovo excursion. Balkan Natural Adventure has extended their services to these cultural and natural on demand visits. We do several itineraries with an eight seater for better comfort for smaller groups and possibility to have more people joining. There are tours which we have designed, and there are tours which we can arrange for you only in the city of Peja, Prishtina or elsewhere. Contact us, or continue reading our options. We do two tours with a guide who will drive and explain their story about Kosovo: Western Trip This trip will take you through some of the top cultural and natural spots of Kosovo. The trip can be a cultural voyage to Kosovo’s rich multicultural heritage, both ethnically and religiously, spiced with traditional food made in kulla or restaurants where the cooking is brought directly from the family kitchen. Or you can switch to a natural adventure with Mirusha Waterfalls, Via Ferrata and exotic caving and archery that would include kids. […]

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