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  • Maja Hasanit4
    Hasan’s Peak or Maja e Hasanit

    This is short sweet and a very nice hike to a mountain peak 1900 meters altitude. However it is still a mountain and needs some efforts to summit it. Balkan Natural Adventure has added Maja e Hasanit or Hasan’s Peak to the list of short hikes in Kosovo from Peja because this trail fulfils some specific criteria. We believe its a best combination for someone who wants to climb a peak in a shorter time, without being in top shape. Climbing Hasan’s Peak takes 3 to 4 hours or 6.2 kilometres with 350 meters altitude difference return. These numbers make this an easy hike: More than a promenade to Livadhi Sakes and less than liking Lake Liqenat – and iot includes a summit.  In winter the starting time for Maja e Hasanit can be in late morning. After a small transfer through mostly asphalt road you will park and then start the hike. The trail goes through nice dirt road to continue shortly through a wood. The last part of the walk is in the crest from where you will enjoy majestic views. In the summer this short hike in Kosovo can be an afternoon hike starting after lunch at 15:00 […]

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  • 20180424 141443
    Hiking and archery in Kosovo

    You can enjoy archery and hiking in Kosovo. This small excursion will fill your day with excitement and beautiful views on the Rugova Gorge and the City of Peja. You will start in the morning and the guide will walk with you to Livadhi i Sakes. This is a two hours hike through a small pine tree wood, path and meadows. You will be parallel to the river Lumbardhi for more than e kilometre. Your hike will take up to two hours and it is suitable for kids as the altitude change is not too big. At the top of the hike you can enjoy the view in the city of Peja and feel the breeze of the Accursed Mountains. Here your guide and archery instructor will assemble a bow and will set up the place for shooting. The instructor will advise you step by step for your shooting in one particular place. This 30 thousand year old sport is always fun for any age. Based on your request we will bring the bow most suitable for the age group of the participants. This is archery and hiking in Kosovo tour which can be combined with a Zip Line flight. […]

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  • 20180509 120909
    Try Archery 

    Try archery in Kosovo next to the river. This is an activity taking place next to the city of Peja but still in the nature and outdoors. Together with our archery guide you will be able to shoot arrows at different targets.  Compete with your friends or just have fun. You will be guided by a trained archer who will also teach you the basics in terms of safety and shooting arrows. This 30 thousand year old sport is fun and open to all ages. Balkan Natural Adventure has a variety of bows, including those for children starting at 8 years old. All of our bows are recurve. Our shooting range is next to the river and there are cafes and restaurants just 100 meters from there and try archery in Kosovo. This is an activity which takes one to two hours and can be very nicely combined with a pick nick that you can bring and eat next to the river or with a lunch served in one of the cafes. It can also be combined with Via Ferrata or a zip line activity also provided by our company. For a more active group you can check hike and […]

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  • Kosovo cultural
    Kosovo daily excursions

    You are in Kosovo and you feel like having a guided tour to get as much as possible in a short time? You based in Kosovo you have guests and you want to take them for a daily Kosovo excursion. Balkan Natural Adventure has extended their services to these cultural and natural on demand visits. We do several itineraries with an eight seater for better comfort for smaller groups and possibility to have more people joining. There are tours which we have designed, and there are tours which we can arrange for you only in the city of Peja, Prishtina or elsewhere. Contact us, or continue reading our options. We do two tours with a guide who will drive and explain their story about Kosovo: Western Trip This trip will take you through some of the top cultural and natural spots of Kosovo. The trip can be a cultural voyage to Kosovo’s rich multicultural heritage, both ethnically and religiously, spiced with traditional food made in kulla or restaurants where the cooking is brought directly from the family kitchen. Or you can switch to a natural adventure with Mirusha Waterfalls, Via Ferrata and exotic caving and archery that would include kids. […]

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  • Rupicapra
    Wildlife tour in accursed moutains

    This is the only Wildlife tour in the accursed mountains in Kosovo. It has been developed with nature lovers and guides who know every turn in these mountains. You will have a chance to see the endangered species that hold the latin name Rupicapra, a goat antelope part of the Chamois family. Balkan Natural Adventure will organise the trip from Peja starting at 06:00 and drive for some 50 minutes. Then the sighting will start. You will walk with a guide while keeping as quite as you can. On your 4 kilometres hike you will have two sports to possibly spot the goats and other wildlife like deer, fox or wild boar. You will continue to the third spot where the possibility increases a lot. Balkan Natural adventure will bring two paris of binoculars to be used by guests who are encouraged to bring their own vision equipment including cameras with a big zoom. Rupicapra, lives in accursed mountains and in Sharr mountains and is native to this region and south Asia. In Europe it lives in Alps as in Pyrenean mountains it is considered to be a different species. The sighting will be from a distance in order to […]

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  • Cool Peja Nordic Walking

    Nordic walking cool tour is designed for everyone. Those who do not want to walk too long; those who do not have time for a full day hike and those who have all this time and want to squeeze a two hour tour in the itinerary and get some great views. The trail starts t the centre of the city goes next to the city park to enter the hillside. Going through some narrow roads of the Kapeshnica neighbourhood, the trail goes above the city. It offers views of Peja and Pecka Patrijarsija from a bird’s eye view. It goes next to a water channel partly extended in a location used as a pool, and arrives to a nice cafe next to the river. All of this walk will be done in the company of a Nordic Walking Specialist, and specialised top shelf Nordic Walking sticks. Its a promenade hike and a walk with a view in the city next to the mountains. It will make you sweat if you like, or not – you will set the pace. At the end of the trail you will be awarded with a cold drink. For the way back you can walk […]

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  • liqeni kufini
    Hiking in Lake Liqunat – Swim across the border

    Liqenat hiking in Kosovo Rugova mountains is a unique experience. This hike will take you to the magnificent region of Kosovo next to the Montenegrin border. During good weather you will be able to literally swim from Kosovo to Montenegro and back in a beautiful lake that marks the border between countries. You will see two glacial lakes, valleys, and the saw-toothed peaks of the Accursed Mountains as far as the eye can see. After a 40 minute ride from Peja, the hiking trail begins from a picturesque restaurant and continues along a path known for its abundant supply of wild blueberries and mushrooms depending on the season. We will stop for a short break at the first of the two lakes, where in the summer you can even go for a dip in its chilly waters. From here, the group can either decide to continue on to the second lake or rest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The full trip is recommended only for participants over the age of 15. The best thing about this trail is that one can choose from three different points where to end the hike and still enjoy beautiful views. Or you can just […]

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  • Via Ferrata
    Via Ferrata Mat and Ari

    Try the Via Ferrata enjoy some of the best views in Rugova. Our trails are suitable for first times, as are most of our clients.

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  • Downhill biking Kosovo
    Downhill biking

    Experience Rugova’s ultimate adrenaline rush atop our top-of- the-line mountain bikes as you feel the wind in your hair and the trees whiz by. The journey begins with a transfer by 4×4 Land Rover, delivering you and your bike to the trailhead at the top of Milisevc Mountain. The descent on your bike will take you over 26 kilometers of off-road mountain trails towards Decan. Along the way, you will experience some breathtaking views of some of the major peaks of the Accursed Mountains – including Marijash and Gjeravica – as well as some of the region’s most beautiful wooded valleys. In Decan, you can pause your journey for lunch or to visit the UNESCO-protected Decan Monastery (long pants required). Round out the day with a leisurely 15 kilometer ride on the village roads back to Peja. Our guide is an experienced mountain biker and member of the Cycling Association of Peja, while the bike – should you choose to ride ours – is a 2016 Cross Euphoria with Shimano Rock Shock fork and 30 speed Shimano Deore/Simano DLX gear system. Upon request, we can also organize different variations of this trip, including a shorter route from Boge in the Sharr Mountains, which can also include […]

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  • Zip Line Kosovo
    Zip Line Kosovo

    Fly like an eagle with the longest Zip Line in the region, 700 meters in less then a minute will give you the best view above the Rugova Canyon. This is the only major Zip Line in Kosovo and it has been certified by an international organisation. The Zip Line utilises US made equipment, and professional trained staff. If you are in Kosovo this is one of the must activities at a price of 10 euro.

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