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    Self guided tour in the Peaks of the Balkans

    Balkan Natural Adventure is one of the top companies offering self-guided tours in the peaks of the Balkans. The company offers itineraries designed by us and based on requests from travelers. As one of the top companies in this market providing services for individuals and companies we offer your our self guided tours. We organize for you your transfers; book your accommodation, provide you with precise GPS files and supporting information for your smooth travel. You can check our itineraries below and book directly for the local providers. Or you can contact us for your special tour for your special wish, for your adventure in the accursed mountains. We offer three packaged self-guided tours from 5 to 10 days. Ten Days self-guided Peaks of the Balkans, Price: Euro 635 per person This ten-day tour will take you in the full loop through three countries, Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. A specially designed tour that avoids some parts that do not provide the best experience, while adding highlights such as Gjeravica and Gerbaja Valley, and Taljanka Peak. The trail avoids the classic peaks of the Balkans trail as the situation in the mountains has changed since the trail was established. This itinerary […]

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    Highest peaks of 4 countries

    This tour provides a chance to climb the highest peak of 4 Balkan countries, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, and North Macedonia in less than a week. You will be hiking through some of the most remote parts of Europe enjoying unprecedented hospitality. Though you will climb four countries, it will be only three peaks as Albania and North Macedonia share the same highest peak.  Day 01: Flight or arrival day  For this tour, you can fly in Prishtina, or Skopje (plus 100 km transfer). But, the tour can be with some changes also from Podgorica, Tirana and Ohrid Airport. Please contact us so we plan it for you. We will organize this day based on the flight timings.  Day 02: Transfer Peje – Gropa Erenikut. Hike Gjeravica highest peak of Kosovo, arrive in Doberdol – Very remote, dormitory rooms shared bathroom Distance: 18km (11.1 miles) Uphill: 915m (3001ft) Downhill: 915m (3001ft) Minimal elevation: 1534m (5032ft) Maximal elevation: 2650m (8694ft) After a 1 hrs 30 min transfer the hike will start to climb Kosovo’s highest peak. This path will take you to the highest mountain of Kosovo and then through the border into Albania. A trail that is included in many Peaks […]

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  • Peaks of the Balkans trail
    Peaks of the Balkans Trail

    “This remote and mysterious mountain range, much of it accessible only by foot, offers more than beauty. It hosts shepherds and goatherds and ancient pastoral traditions that have yet to be destroyed by mechanization. In its isolated villages, traces still survive of a centuries-old code of conduct that combines extremes of punishment and generosity”, Martin Fletcher the Financial Times, while in the mountains with us. Watch the video    Check dates for 2022 tours published click here for more Our team the Balkan Natural Adventure organizes on-demand trips to the Accursed Mountains, including The Peaks of the Balkans Trail. We will adjust your itinerary based on your travel plans. To include all three countries: Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro, you should plan for 6 to 15 days of hiking. The best season is between June and September, while you can start your trip from any of the three countries. We offer support also for self-guided tours. Open dates for solo and small groups, available. Contact us with your question: virtyt@bnadventure.com. “The path literally links Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox enclaves, as well as Slavs and numerous Albanian tribes in three adjoining national parks, each showcasing the border region’s inestimable beauty. Towering rock […]

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  • Ski tour in Sharr mountains
    Ski touring in Kosovo and Albania

    Ski touring in Sharr Mountains Do you want to escape from the beaten tracks for several days, to breathtaking landscapes? Join us for a ski touring in Kosovo and Albania, an adventure of ascending and descending the unforgettable slopes of the most exciting Sharr Mountains. The tour is thought through the whole range, undoubtedly selecting the best parts of each valley. HIGHLIGHTS Korab Peak – The highest peak of Albania and North Macedonia Radomire – The picturesque village in North Albania with a very low number of visitors Virgin mountains – Trails that are not crowded with tourists and the views are not interrupted by ski lifts or other men made structures Local food – Local cooked specialties based on meat and vegetables and dairy products Hospitably – People in this region have not seen a big number of tourists they are happy to see you visiting the place and will pay a sincere welcome to any traveler. Guided tour can be arranged upon request. For dates or group inquiries please contact us! INTRODUCTION Sharr mountains are perfect for ski touring in Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. They lay between Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia and are high round older […]

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  • adriatik in top of the mountain in winter
    Hiking in Kosovo

    Kosovo hiking is a unique experience as the new country offers great opportunities for mountaineering, tracking, climbing and snowshoeing (click for offer). It is home to three big mountain ranges which are shared with neighbouring countries, Montenegro, Albania in the west, Macedonia and Albania in the south and Serbia in the north. In the west of Kosovo you can hike in the Accursed Mountains which also home to the highest peak in Kosovo Gjeravica 2630 meters. Within these mountains lays the Rugova Valley, which is famous for its gorge and a number of villages which provide guest houses and three Via Ferrata (click for offer). In the Rugova Mountains there are a numerous hiking opportunities. One can hike to Hajla which also marks the border with Montenegro. A beautiful mountain crest which is also part of the Peaks of the Balkans(click for offer) hiking trail. Read more about Rugova Hiking (more on the region). The second bigger valley in the Accursed Mountain suitable for hiking in Kosovo is that of Decan. This valley was created by the water of Decan Lumbardhi. The best peak to climb of this mountain is that of Mariashi. A long beautiful crest. From Decan you […]

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  • Rugova mountains
    Hiking in Rugova Mountains

    Hiking in Rugova Mountains is a must when you visit Kosovo. This valley is part of the Accursed Mountains and it includes the region around the riverbed of Lumbardhi i Pejes. These peaks, cliffs and fields — home of 12 villages — are mostly populated only during the summer. The most interesting hiking in Rugova is the Hajla peak 2405.  This peak also marks the border with Montenegro. This is a rocky mountain crest surrounded by woodlands and fields. It’s rich with flora and fauna. It is also used as an area for pastures for both sheep and cow. Other popular hiking trip is visiting the Lake Liqenat. Other things to do when hiking in Rugova Further north the Village of Boge is the most populated village and it hosts several hotels and guest houses. The village is overbuilt however in the winter there is a 1 kilometre ski lift which works also during the night. In-between Hajla and Boge is the village of Reka e Allages from where you can hike from guest house to guest house. This trail is also a part of the Peaks of the Balkans and Via Dinarica. You can hike from Mustafe to the next […]

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  • Kolasin Montenegro spa hotel and activities

    Kolasin is one of the main ski and mountain centers in Montenegro, with a very high quality hotel service. Balkan Natural Adventure works with Hotel Bianca which has top quality facilities, service and food. For your autumn getaway we are offering special prices. You can also choose to travel for Christmas, New Years or go there for a ski vaccation starting at 59 per night per person, breakfast and dinner included. Enjoy the autumn offer spa hotel breakfast and dinner for only 43 Euro per person per night. Autumn Offer: Two nights / three days – 169 € per 2 persons, available until 20 December. Autumn package: 169 it includes: 2 overnights in Standard or Superior room Breakfast and dinner for two in Chives international restaurant Early check in and late check out (till 2 PM) upon availability Free use of swimming pool, Hamam, fitness facilities and saunas Free parking place Free WI FI NOTE: Supplement for children: Children from 0-2.99 y.o free of charge?Supplement for children from 03-11.99 y.o -20.00 € per child per package (extra bed & meals) See also: Kanyoning in Durmitor

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  • Snowshoeing in Kosovo

    The winter and snow open opportunities for beautiful outdoor activity of snowshoeing in Rugova, other parts of the Accursed Mountains or Sharr. Walking in the snow and enjoying beautiful nature of Kosovo is as simple as contacting us and we will take care for the rest. Equipped with latest models of Inook Snowshoes, carbon fibre walking pols and modern gaiters, our company can offer the best service available in Kosovo. Balkan Natural Adventure has selected several trails that can be done in a day or longer snowshoeing hikes that would include a sleepover in the mountain guest houses, in Reka e Allages or in Drelaj. Or you can choose to stay in a three star hotel in Boge and combine your stay with a snowshoeing activity. If you feel you want to do something special our guides will help you climb Gjeravica mountain or other peaks in Kosovo or Albania. Join us for activities combined with the taste of the mountains and enjoying home cooking at Guest house Shqiponja in Drelaj. Great activity with kids from 10 years old. Snowshoeing itineraries Kosovo Itinerary: Arrive in Peja at 9:00, meet your guide and take the equipment continue to drive in Boge, start […]

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