• Trekking Peaks of the Balkans
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  • Trek Peaks of the Balkans 2023
    Self guided tour in the Peaks of the Balkans

    Balkan Natural Adventure is one of the top companies offering self-guided tours in the peaks of the Balkans. The company offers itineraries designed by us and based on requests from travelers. As one of the top companies in this market providing services for individuals and companies, we offer your our self-guided tours. We organize for you your transfers; book your accommodation, and provide you with precise GPS files and supporting information for your smooth travel. You can check our itineraries below and book directly for the local providers. Or you can contact us for your special tour for your special wish, for your adventure in the accursed mountains. We offer three packaged self-guided tours from 5 to 10 days. 10 Days self-guided Peaks of the Balkans, Price: Euro 680 per person This ten-day tour will take you in the full loop through three countries, Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. A specially designed tour that avoids some parts that do not provide the best experience, while adding highlights such as Gjeravica and Gerbaja Valley, and Taljanka Peak. The trail avoids the classic peaks of the Balkans trail as the situation in the mountains has changed since the trail was established. This itinerary […]

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  • South Albania
    South Albanian gem hiking in Zagori

    This is the trail of Albanian gems that will kill every prejudice against Albania that one may have!  Best season is February to April, November to October If you thought Albania was “a Muslim country”, well this trail will take you through Albanian Byzantine churches, covered with amazing frescoes. If you thought that Albania is a country of high snow-covered mountains, this Albania has no snow as it is too south for that. If you thought Albania has a continental climate, well wrong again, this hike is as the Mediterranean as Greece. If you thought Albania is dangerous to visit this will prove you totally wrong. This is a hike in the middle of the mountain with some of the most welcoming people in Europe.  Visit the city described by a Man Booker Prize Winner like this:  “It was a steep city, perhaps the steepest in the world, defying the laws of architecture and city planning. The top of one house might graze the foundation of another, and it was surely the only place in the world where if you slipped and fell on the street, you might well land on the roof of a house – a peculiarity known […]

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    COV-19: BOOK RISK-FREE                                 While restrictions are loosening up, the pandemic still isn’t over. The top priorities of our company Balkan Natural Adventure are flexibility, safety while ensuring we offer a unique and enriching experience. As with everything, our COV-19 booking conditions are different and take into account all the risks that you may be taking. We took care to minimize those in your favor. We have received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travels stamp, which provides travelers with the assurance that we have implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Global Safe Travels Protocols. Secure, Flexible Booking Rest assured, that if you need to change your plans, you can. In light of the current situation, we’re working to handle all trip cancellations appropriately. Up to 2 weeks before the commencement of your trip, regardless of the reason, you can: Free postponement to a later date* Convert your booking to a credit voucher, transferable to other people In case of cancelation of the trip due to COV-19 pandemic, whether you are hesitant of the situation or your flight has been […]

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  • Photo Horse Riding Valbone2
    Horse riding in Valbona

    Join us for Valbona horse-riding tour in the Peaks of the Balkans in the Accursed Mountains with the master of horses Dardan Jubani. After establishing his business in the Valbona Valley as a transporter of luggage for hikers Dardan decided he can do more. With his good bread mountain horses, he now carries people instead of their luggage. Now, Dardan offers horse-riding tours from Valbona as one-day loop tours toward Stanet e Rosit through the village of Kukaj. In this trail you will ride through a 4×4 road, to enter an ancient forest and to arrive in open pastures. Here, you enjoy open views bordered by the rocky Valbona peaks. This will give you the feeling of “magnificent isolation” as Edith Durham the English traveler put it. There you will meet the last family that still has old-style shepherds and produces dairy products. A longer trail is the one that takes you to the Valbona Waterfall and back. This 15 kilometers equestrian experience includes riding through the valley of Valbona next to the river. A fairly easy road will take you next to the waterfall. There you can enjoy tiny water drops spraying you and your horse as you watch […]

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  • Theth Valbone
    Peaks of the Balkans Starting from Kosovo

    Peaks of the Balkans August Open Date Join us on one of the most diverse walking trails in the world, the Peaks of the Balkans. This epic walk passes through villages, winding through meadows, mountain peaks, lakes, and woodlands.  HIGHLIGHTS Gjeravica – the highest peak in Kosovo surrounded by glacial lakes and home to the Triton salamanders. Village of Theth – Visit one of the most picturesque villages in Albania Hiking in the wild – Hike in this hidden corner of Europe  Three countries – Visit three countries in one hike  Cold War Bunkers – During the Communist period, Albania spent a fortune building concrete bunkers to prevent an invasion. Now that era is past and the protected borders promote peace and cooperation. Taljanka and Gerbaja Valley – Considered the most beautiful valley in the ex-Yugoslavia; stop for the bronze-age carvings of wolves and men.   Food: Experience the unique cuisine and hospitality of the Accursed Mountains provided by the local villagers. Price: Euro 830 Date: 1 – 10 August INTRODUCTION Peaks of the Balkans is the first lengthy hiking trail to traverse the Western Balkans, an area where ancient tracks connect remote regions. The epic walk passes through villages, separated by strict borders […]

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  • biking in balkans
    5 days biking through Peaks of the Balkans

    Peaks of the Balkans biking tour If you are in search of a mountain biking trip, join us, and soak in the idyllic beauty of breathtaking landscapes of Peaks of the Balkans, as you pedal through the trail that still feels wild. We already have explored the hills and woodlands of this trail by hiking, so we are expanding our adventurous spirit and giving you the chance to try it on two wheels! Experience the famous hospitality of the locals, and the best scenery that the Peaks of the Balkans trail have to offer – from peaks and gorges to emerald-colored lakes, with fresh air that accompanies you during the tour. Try our flexibility options – shorten or extend your trip for cultural tours.   ITINERARY Day 1: Peje – Milishevc – Zllanopoje Distance: 18 km Uphill: 1200 m Downhill: 200 m The tour will start three kilometers from the Peja City Center going toward Milishevc through a tractor road. The trail goes through a basin that firstly was a lake to get to the plateau which gives 360 degrees view of the mountains. Sleepover in Lojza guest house. Day 2: Zllanopoje – Bjeshka e Belegut – Qafa Bogiqes – […]

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  • Spring hiking in South Albania
    Trip to South Albania | 15 – 18 April

    Join us for spring hike in South Albania, which has countless ways to enchant you, with its mountain ranges and miles of captivating coastline.

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  • Cook and taste Rugova Mountain food
    Cook and taste the Rugova Mountain food

    Join us for a bespoke cookery class! This activity offers a unique and fun experience for anyone who would like to learn Kosovo mountainous cooking skills. You will be learning how to cook delicious traditional dishes from Kosovo’s top Guest House hospitality expert. The cooking menu consists primarily of Flija which is the top food in the mountains rich in butter and mazë (milk cream) and pastry. First, you will cook Flija layer by layer with the host of the family where you will be staying. Secondly, in line with flija you will learn how to cook other sauces, which are served with pepper. In different regions, people refer to these sauces as gjizë e speca, speca me kos, or speca me long. Homemade bread and cornbread will be added to the menu as well. For whom the tour is? The tour is two days long, suitable for a weekend. During the tour, the first day will involve the food, and the second day you can take a small hike. In the winter there are places where you can sled, and in other seasons walking spaces for all ages. Interesting for families, food, and cultural explorers. Furthermore, the activity will […]

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  • Trek Peaks of the Balkans 2023
    Trek Peaks of the Balkans 2023

    Peaks of the Balkans 2023

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