• Peaks Of The Balkans 202019
    Border crossing permits Peaks of the Balkans

    BNA offers administrative service of issuing of border permits for Peaks of the Balkans between Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. This service is offered with the guarantee that all the permits are registered at the police authorities. We have agents in all three countries. To get your border permit for Peaks of the Balkans we need your information including, passport copy, date time and place of your crossing. As we are talking about hiking sometimes all this information may not be clear for this BNA is here to provide you with explanation. We can provide border permits for Kosovo; border permits for Montenegro and Border permits for Albania. BNA offers many services for Peaks of the Balkans trail. Set up dates in which you join groups of people from all around the world. In this regard we offer smaller groups and guaranteed dates. Private hiking services for groups that you create for friends, families or business companies that want to make a trip in the Balkans. In this regard we have worked with many charities to organise Challenges, a valuable culture in British society. Self guided tours in which we organise all of your bookings and you hike yourself the whole […]

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  • A weekend in Peaks of the Balkans Section

    Balkan Natural Adventure offers the unique opportunity to join hikes covering Peaks of the Balkans trail sections during weekends in Kosovo and Albania.  Hike through Liqenat Lakes and Lugu i Shkodres, climb Gjeravica and Guri i Kuq and visit Doberdol, some of the wildest mountains in the country. Two different hikes. Gjeravica and Doberdol – Albania The Gjervica Peak, the Doberdol Platou and Milishevc are three highlights you will experience in this hike with Balkan Natural Adventure guides. You can book with us in this two day journey any day that you plan your trip, with one night sleepover in Doberdol. One of the highlights of Peaks of the Balkans trail. Visit six lakes that make this journey even more beautiful. You can start Saturday morning and be back on Sunday evening. A marvelous weekend. Two days of moderate walk for 6 – 8 hours of about 15 kilometers. The transport is secured from starting and returning point Decan, while the group is max 10 people. Enjoy mountain as you should small group, experienced guide and special care. The hike is opened for ages from 12 up to whatever you feel you are able to do the hike. Technical details […]

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  • Via Ferrata Groups every Saturday and Sunday

    Enjoy Via Ferrata and Zip Line with diverse organised groups every Saturday and Sunday with Balkan Natural Adventure instructors. We include a specialized briefing about equipment, advice and guiding in the Via Ferrata. You do not have to be a hiker You do not have to be strong ? All you need is to want to join the Via ferrata and Zip line group every Saturday and Sunday in Peja. With the groups as a bonus you get a walk in the longest Tibetan bridge in Kosovo for all those who brave the Via Ferrata. Meeting at 10:30 at visitor center in Peja next to the Patriarchat. Via Ferrata Euro 15 per person, group 5 people one comes for free. Package Via Ferrata and Zip Line euro 22 per person, group discount. Don’t forget the bonus walk in the longest Tibetan bridge in Kosovo. You can also book your private tour in Ferrata or Zip line any day of the week. Balkan Natural Adventure is a registered trade mark in Kosovo and offers private tours for people from all around the world. In our dedication for good service the company has started to make organised daily and weekend groups for […]

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  • IMG 0030
    UNESCO Albania Weekend

    Be inspired by this UNESCO cultural tour, that will give you a memorable short trip in Albania, perfect for a mid-week or weekend getaway! Highlights: Gjirokastra Castle, Old Bazaar, Blue Eye, The Monastery of 40 Saints, Castle of Lekuresi, Butrint National Park Day 1: Visit Gjirokaster – Blue Eye – Sarande Gjirokaster – is an UNESCO World Heritage Site famous as an Ottoman rocky town in Albania. You can see old houses that lean against raising and falling hills and enjoy their beautiful facades made by old wood and roofs covered by original stones. Gjirokastra is the place Ismail Kadare (internationally renowned Albanian writer) and Enver Hoxha (the infamous communist leader) were born. Since the city well preserves all history phases, sometimes can look controversial. The tourists describe the city view like “a view from a fairy-tail”. First, you begin with visiting The Zekhate House, it is a great example of a “Tower House” which dates from a very long time. The fortified tower belonged to wealthy individuals first. There are embrasures set in the walls to help defend against attacking enemies.  In the center of the top floor is a wooden balcony where the head of the family would […]

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  • Karavasta (1)
    Albania Bird Watching and Cultural Tour

    This Albania bird watching and cultural tour gives you a chance to enjoy a superb blend of culture, history and nature. Also, this weekend tour includes some of the most famous and fascinating sights of the country. Highlights: Marubi Museum, Rozafa Castle, Shiroka Bird Watching, Kruje Castle, National Museum, BUNK’ART, The Pyramid of Tirana, New Bazaar, Karavasta National Park Day 1: Visit Shkodra and Kruje You will start the tour in Shkodra. Beautiful buildings surround the city center. Some of them are so colorful that light up the whole atmosphere. On the main pedestrian we will stop at Marubi Museum. This museum has the first picture taken in Albania and nearly 500 thousand photographs from the Marubi’s dynasty, photography objects and cameras that were used for three generations. Continue visiting the factory where the Venetian carnival masks and costumes are made. After that, we will drive to Rozafa Castle. It represents the main sightseeing in Shkoder. It raises on a rocky hill 130 meters above sea level. The castle was built during antiquity and endures the Roman and Ottoman Empires. It has three main courtyards. There you can see the Illyrian Wall, Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque which was the Church […]

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  • Onufri Museum, Berat (1)
    Cultural Weekend in Albania

    This weekend trip will offer you some amazing cultural sites with breathtaking architecture in Albania. Dating since a long time ago, these objects will show you a very interesting history the country has been through. Highlights: National Museum, Skenderbeg Square, New Market, The Pyramid of Tirana, Berati Castle, Onufri Museum, Apollonia Archaeological Park Day 1: Tirana and Berat You will start the tour with the National Museum that holds the most important pieces of the Albanian history. Its facade which is made by a modernist mosaic and shows the Albanians proud and always celebrating victories since the Illyrian times. There you can see some archaeological treasures, a gallery of those who suffered persecution during the communist regime, a replica of Skenderbeu’s sword and some other historical statues and mosaics. From the museum you will continue to Skenderbeg Square. It is named after Skenderbeu (a national hero) who also has the statue in the middle of the square. It offers you a great view surrounded by beautiful pastel buildings. Also, in the city center you will visit an Orthodox Cathedral, blloku – where the members of communist parties used to live during the communist regime. Villa of Enver Hoxha (an Albanian […]

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  • Kulla E Osdautajve, Isniq
    5 Cultural Days in Kosovo

    This trip takes you to cultural sites of Europe’s youngest country. Kosovo is situated in the heart of Balkan and it is quite unexplored. Even though it is a small place, it holds a lot of cultural pieces and each one of them contains a wonderful history inside. Highlights: Wine Tasting, Kulla in Isniq, Ethnographic Museum, Decan Monastery, Patriarchate of Peja, Adem Jashari Complex, National Library, Bazaar Mosque Day 1: Arrival in Kosovo After your arrival at the airport, a private transfer will take you Prizren for a traditional dinner and accommodation in a 3 star hotel. Day 2: Prizren – Rahovec – Gjakova Prizren is one of the oldest cities in Kosovo. Once the capital of Kosovo and an important Ottoman trading town and is tucked underneath the Sharr Mountains. Prizren contains holy sites for Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Catholics making it a key Kosovo religious city. Prizren, Kosovo is considered by many to be a capital of cultural Kosovo -both contemporary and ancient. This blend of the old and the new makes it one of the must-see stops while visiting Kosovo. After Prizren you drive towards Rahovec, wine’s capital. There you will see the procedures of wine making […]

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  • Rozafa Castle, Shkodra
    Albania and Kosovo in 8 days

    From ancient cities monuments, tower houses and strongholds to fascinating museums, squares and parks, there are plenty of things to see and do in this Albania & Kosovo tour that’ll keep you entertained for days. Highlights: Skenderbeg Square, National Museum of History, Kruja Castle, Medieval Bazaars, Gjirokastra Castle, Apollonia Archaeological Park, Amphitheater of Durrës, Rozafa Castle, Wine Tasting, Decani Monastery Albania – is an amazing country, and one of the best things about travelling to the land of the eagles is that wherever you go, you are going to be welcomed by the locals. This tour will immerse you into the local traditions of the country. Kosovo – this small and unspoiled country has plenty of things to offer. And what makes it even a more attractive destination to visit is that everything around feels just real, not made for tourists! Nature is beautiful, people are friendly and hospitable, and the fact that it’s quite unexplored makes it a lot more exciting to explore! Day 1: Arrival in Tirane, city tour First, a private transfer will be arranged to pick you up at the airport at your arrival and take you at your accommodation. Secondly, after a short break you […]

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  • Apollonia Archaeological Park
    Albania and Kosovo in 10 days

    This trip takes you to a Cultural Discovery. You will get to see the most beautiful cultural sites of the land of Eagles – Albania and Kosovo – a country located in the heart of Balkans. Highlights: Skenderbeg Square, Kruja Castle, Berat Castle, Gjirokastra Castle, Medieval Bazaars, Apollonia Archaeological Park,  Rozafa Castle, Wine Tasting Day 1: Arrival in Tirane, city tour A private transfer will pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation in Tirana. Depending on the time of your arrival, maybe you won’t be able to visit the whole city, but you can continue with the rest of it the next day. Tirana, the capital city of Albania it is mostly famous for its architecture. It is affected by different eras such as Ottoman, Fascist and Soviet era. It holds a lot of monuments that represent the daily lives of Albanians during the communist regime. There is the Skenderbeg Square in the city center surrounded by pastel buildings. It has the statue of Skenderbeu, a national hero of Albania. The National Historic Museum, the Pyramid of Tirana, Villa of Enver Hoxha, Mother Teresa Square, The Main Boulevard of National Heroes and The New Market […]

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  • Prizren (7)
    Kosovo Cultural Sites in one week

    A week long tour in Kosovo offering some of the best cultural sites of the country. Join us for this tour which can also be adjusted to your taste, and include some of your own highlights. Highlights: UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Decan Monastery, Wine Tasting, Rugova Gorge,  Via Ferrata, The Patriarchate of Peja, Gracanica Monastery, The Gazimestan Monument Prizren the cultural capital of Kosovo with temples of three different religions in one same street. best preserved ottoman city in Kosovo under an ancient forteress. UNESCO World Heritage sites with some of the most beautiful frescoes in the world, including Decan Monastery. The Rugova Gorge and the Accursed Mountains home to some of the best hiking trails in the world. Climb Via Ferrata to get the best views in the country. Visit the sites where myths were born and influenced the present history of Kosovo still in the making. Day 1: Arrival at the airport, transfer to Prizren. After your arrival at the airport, a transfer will take you to Prizren for a traditional dinner and accommodation in a 3 star hotel. Day 2: Prizren Prizren is one of the oldest cities in Kosovo. Once it was the capital of Kosovo […]

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