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    • Theth Valbone Prill3
      May 3, 2018 Hiking and siesta in the Accursed Mountains

      Balkan Natural Adventure guides Arineta (Hike with Arineta) and Adriatik have led the first Peaks of the Balkans group in April in 2018. This was also the opening of the season not only for the company but for the mountains. This was the first tour that passed from Theth to Valbona this year. The road was bravely opened for Spanish visitors, who found time to take a siesta. A practise that both Adriatik and Arineta enjoyed – Here is their story. The hiking in Kosovo started in Reka e Allages with a climb in the Hajla Mountain, which continues to Drelaj. In a classical Peaks of the Balkans hike one would skip Hajla and walk in asphalt road.  BN Adventures has added the Hajla peak and cut the asphalt road from hiking. This asphalt is turned into a 20 minutes transfer, which was done the next day. The hike in Montenegro was an amazing mosaic, with patches of snow through the whole panorama. The glacial lakes were partly covered by snow but next to the woods the white was bringing out the green and creating incredible views. This hike passes through two glacial lakes, which also became the siesta location […]

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    • Albania Culture
      May 1, 2018 Cultural experience with Leonidha

      Discover cultural tours in Albania while driving your or a rented car. Meet local people visit hidden villages, caves and beaches, away from the crowd.  Balkan Natural Adventure will make sure you get to the best spots. We are introducing you our cultural experience expert Leonidha Thoma Mako. Born in South of Albania Leonidha has studied tourism in Nicosia, Cyprus, to find jobs in US in some prestigious hotels in the management level. Pushed by the beauty and love of Albania Leonidha returned home to start its own business and work as a guide in the lovely Southern Albania, and in Kosovo. Leonidha knows the secret corners of this diverse region. As a diver and a mountaineer he has been on -20 as well as in plus 2000 altitude to experience and find the secrets of Albania. Hidden beaches, caves in the sea, mule rides and polyphonic concerts in bucolic villages with freshly made food, would be some of the choices. Ideal for families with kids. Leonidha can help you design your own cultural tours in Albania or elsewhere in the Balkans where native Albanian is spoken, in a self guided driving tour or he can himself guide you through the […]

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    • Sharr Piribreg9
      April 24, 2018 BN Adventure in Kosovo becomes the contact point for Israeli Rescue 1

      Balkan Natural Adventure has become the contact point for the Israeli search and rescue company Rescue One, in Kosovo. The Israeli company is extending its network to the Balkans as the number of tourists from the Jewish state in the region is increasing. Balkan Natural Adventure based in Peja Western Kosovo next to the Accursed Mountains will have a 4×4 and a team of guides ready 24/7. The Balkans based company is co-owned by Nol Krasniqi member of the voluntary group of Search and Rescue team based in Kosovo. For Rescue One this is an additional link to a wide network of companies and institutions to which they are connected in order to offer best possible services to their clients. The Israeli team already has support in Albania and Montenegro, now with this the famous trail of Peaks of the Balkans is covered from all three countries. “We offer guided and self guided tours in the Accursed Mountains, and we had to do an intervention – luckily only once. The company organised a pickup for clients who had wondered outside the trail”, says Nol Krasniqi. “We executed this swiftly, we will do the same for any of our Rescue 1 […]

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    • Church Theth Albania
      January 21, 2018 Peaks of the Balkans with Arineta

      In a July Peaks of the Balkans tour, Balkan Natural Adventure will work together Kosovo sportswoman and mountaineer Arineta Mula, in implementing a unforgettable hike for ten days. Designed by ms Mula who has climbed some of the highest and toughest mountains in the world. Highlights: Theth and Valbona National Parks  Kolata e Keqe the highest mountain of Montenegro Gjeravica – The highest mountain of Kosovo Rugova Canyon Glacial lakes – Heart Shaped Lake, Hrid, Liqenat July Peaks of the Balkans tour is the safest one to do in terms of the weather. There is very little risk of rain and you can enjoy swimming in the glacial lakes. This tour is will be maximum 12 people, and in that case there will be more than one guide. The company wants this to be remembered, join Arineta for this opportunity. Arineta was member of the first Kosovar team to climb Mount Everest, and the first person from Kosovo and Albania to climb Ama Dablam. She has scaled numerous other challenging peaks, including Matterhorn and Eiger in Switzerland being the first Albanian woman to climb them successfully. She is dedicated to the promotion of nature and women’s engagement in the Balkans. She […]

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    • Propozimi 1
      April 10, 2018 She said Yes

      It is wildly believed that adrenaline provokes the release of endorphin or the happiness hormone. We are sure this happened when Ardian Krasniqi proposed to Dorontina Hysenaj in a Via Ferrata trip. She said “yes” when proposed to be joined in holy matrimony called marriage. Balkan Natural Adventure helped Ardian to organise his proposal in the Via Ferrata while in adrenaline rush, in a very unique place in a very unique way – totally unexpected. Everything was well thought and well planned. Balkan Natural Adventure wishes the couple all the best and healthy kids with unique Albanian word – U trashigofshi. (Rough translation may you have children).

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    • 20180317 131757
      April 3, 2018 Kristijan Gashi offering GPS training for better service

      Aiming at better service for hiking in Kosovo, Balkan Natural Adventure company guides have gathered to refresh, build in the knowledge and train newcomers in orientation and use of the GPS equipment. From now the use of GPS will be part of every BNA tour from now on. “Now after every hike the clients will know how long, how fast and how far they have walked. They will have a 3D animation of their trip which they can share with their friends and enjoy proudly their hike”, explains Nol Krasniqi the COO of the company. The use of GPS, compass and maps was reinforced with the training from the president of the orienteering club of Kosovo Mr. Kristian Gashi. A professional and passionate mountaineer Mr. Gashi was happy to provide the training for the BNA guides. The activity started with theoretical updates for the equipment, with practical on the field tests of the equipment which were compared with the maps. The teams also tested the margin of error of the equipment and compared data in maps vs GPS equipment. A total of eight people participated in the training, covered by the company for the guides who work for BNA and […]

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    • March 16, 2018 Balkan Natural Adventure supporting film production

      Balkan Natural Adventure has supported international film making with location selection for director Katja Verheul, during her filming in Kosovo. She is directing a short docu-fiction, which includes exciting scenes from the Accursed Mountains. The company has supported the international film crew with selection of the best location for the filming and equipment to get at location and film. “Balkan Natural Adventure is happy to support art making in Kosovo. It will help the country to make a better image and increase international cooperation of Kosovo film makers. Balkan Natural Adventure believes that filming will help Kosovo to pave its way to the image that its people deserve.”, says the company CEO Virtyt Gacaferri. “We are a very small company but we help whenever we can”, he added. From her side Katja said: “It was a great a positive experience working with Balkan Natural Adventure. They were a great source of help in finding a good location to film. Although this is a tiny production they took the filming very serious. When we were filming the weather was quite bad, but our guide found us a new film location on the spot and  gave us the right equipment to get to […]

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    • February 19, 2018 Supporting the local mountaineering community

      Balkan Natural Adventure has lent their equipment to local mountaineering community free of charge as part of the corporate social responsibility of the company, and as a tool of supporting the community that creates our priceless workforce, which makes snowshoeing in Kosovo a fun activity. In the long weekend in the mod of February, when Kosovo was celebrating 10 years of independence, mountaineers run away from Rita Ora concerts in the serenity of the mountains.  The members of the oldest Mountaineering group in Kosovo called Gjeravica with a gigantic flag started climbing Guri i Kuq, a peak on the Peaks of the Balkans Trail. The climb, we were told, was great fun however they did not reach the peak. BNA provided snowshoes for the group, free of any charge.   Our friends from Peja gathered around Shijo edhe ti association made an attempt to climb the mountain of Cfrla. The group was also supported with company snowshoes, for their brave climb. In a third group our guide super adventurer Adriatik Gacaferi, climbed the Maja e Alisë together with his friends. Balkan Natural Adventure is proud to be able to share their equipment with the local mountaineering community. Increase in nature lovers […]

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    • February 6, 2018 Gjeravica in winter

      Our guide Adriatik and our client from Scotland were climbing Gjeravica in winter conditions in a tour organised on request from the client,  who was visiting Kosovo for business but managed to secure some time for his passion the mountains at the same time, this February. The three day tour started in rainy conditions. On the first day after a car transfer, through Gryka e Decanit Adriatik and our guest drove to the place called Zalli i Rupes. After the drive the walk took three hours to get to the mountain hut the base camp. Company snowshoes Inook were used as the snow was deep. The team started the fire and the place was filled with the cozy warmth of burning wood in the stove. Warm tea and dinner closed the day. On the second day when the weather was still dominated by a fog and snow the team climbed a lower peak, the White Peak or Maja e Bardhe 2415 meters. The snow was hard enough and the hike was not to difficult. However the view was blocked by the dense fog. Thanks to the experienced guide ad the GPS equipment of the company there was no difficulty in […]

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    • January 29, 2018 What people did with us in January

      January is a snowshoeing month, however we had clients doing all sorts of winter activities in Kosovo. We are seeing a new surge of clients climbing the Via Ferrata in winter, a novelty with us as we were closing the season in November. Mentor, our Peaks of the Balkans guides walked at the top with a solo traveller from Spain, and enjoyed the view of Rugova Gorge from the Via Ferrata in winter. To make the trip better nature has taken care to create some ice stalactites at the start of the vertical climb. Enjoy the photos keep scrolling for more stories on winter activities in Kosovo. Other people choose to snowshoe in the Rugova valley accompanied with our team of guides and snacking on home made cocking from Peja. We also had a special experience with the new attraction in the Rugova Mountains, the snowcat which helps hikers get to further spots with motorised transport. Additionally there was ski tracking for fun and testing the short ski slopes in Boge enjoying the fresh air, and always open for excursions Daily Kosovo excursions in Peja or all around Kosovo. Let us not forget that caves have almost same temperature al through […]

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