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  • Polaket ne Ballkan
    August 27, 2020 Peaks of the Balkans in Covid 19 Pandemic

    The pandemic has blocked most of the tourism in the world.  The situation in Peaks of the Balkans (POB) trail is no different as the cross border visits have been limited. However, there are options that our company can implement, including some of the best parts of the Accursed Mountains. As the situation with the Pandemic is changing all the time so are the conditions for visiting Balkans in Covid 19 pandemic conditions. Under the current circumstances it is not possible to cross borders in the mountains through the usual procedure. However, the Accursed Mountains are there and you can enjoy them from any of the three countries. You can cross the borders in official border crossings. Currently it is impossible to say when the police authorities of the three countries Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania will start issuing border permits. But this does not mean that you will not be able to visit some of the highlights of these mountains. Balkan Natural Adventure even in covid pandemic conditions can organise hikes and travel in the Balkans. Kosovo hiking in Covid pandemic If you fly in Kosovo you will be transferred by a private pickup directly to the guest house in […]

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  • 2I6A7003
    June 26, 2020 BN Adventure joins #StopHateForProfit

    Balkan Natural Adventure ( of Kosovo has joined Patagonia, North Face and many other companies to pause advertising on Facebook and Instagram to show support for #StopHateForProfit movement. Balkan Natural Adventure believes that companies can choose to select clients and partners they work with and in this way build a better world for all of us. The Kosovar company has joined the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color of Change, Free Press and Common Sense to show “they will not support a company that puts profit over safety.” The company based in Kosovo offers hiking tours in the Accursed Mountains situated between Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. The company previously took actions in environmental protection and cleaning. The campaign organisations have been engaged with Facebook before but did not get any results now they have asked “large Facebook advertisers to show they will not support a company that puts profit over safety.”

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  • Gacaferi6
    December 11, 2019 Exploring Peaks of the Balkans beyond current versions and seasons

    The Peaks of the Balkans trail has been established but it is still alive with new versions popping up adding peaks and attractions while cutting transfers and eventual asphalt hiking. Balkan Natural Adventure as a dynamic and exploratory company is looking at new additions and new seasonal products for hiking in the Accursed Mountains. In December 2019, me Virtyt Gacaferri, BNA owner, Rinor Kadrijaj a tough mountaineer and the guide Adriatik Gacaferi went to explore the Gacaferi pastures for a new version of the winter Peaks of the Balkans. Additionally the trio explored the possibilities of making a winter season Peaks of the Balkans. The trip was rough. As our 4X4 went into trouble to spearhead through the heavy snow in a fuly covered road. After pushing the Nissan Terrano to its limits time came for the hike. “Maybe we could push some more meters with the 4X4, but it would cause more harm than good”, said Adriatik Gacaferri who was the driver and the batchitza of the trip. Surrounded by the rock walls  We organised the accommodation in a basic stone hut with the key hanging at the door. This decision was taken as the situation with the other […]

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  • Shen Andreu Grame78 Min
    December 27, 2019 Wild Albania Beaches Exploration

    Wild beaches in Albania are a special treat especially in the south of the country. One of the best wild beaches  is Shen Andreu (St Andre) next to the village of Palace. This beach is reachable only by boat or an 8 kilometres hike. Balkan Natural Adventure as a company offering tourism with minimal gas spending and transfers, has explored the Shen Andreu and Grame beachs. The expedition took place during December. This was a perfect time to feel the nature and enjoy it away from the noisy crowd of tourists. Swimming will be a bit difficult but the brave ones can give it a try from September to June. For a visit combined with swimming late autumn will be better than early spring. In Autumn the water is stil warm. Albania November to June This season also offers an abundance of other reaches. The Strawberry Trees are full of fruits which you can pick up at your will and mandarines and oranges have filled the market straight from the plantations. On your hike you can pick up wild sage and see flocks of goats and sheep enjoying these fields. The visit can be made from Llogara, a pristine mountain […]

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  • Fidan
    August 28, 2019 A guide who chose mountains against engineering

    A strong man with personality and advanced social skills make Fidan an excellent mountain guide for Peaks of the Balkans, part of Balkan Natural Adventure team. Fidan join our team as part of a programme financed by Swiss Government aiming at increasing the number of guides in the accursed mountains. The Swiss and the project PPSE have been a strong partner to tourism in Kosovo.    Fidan has passed through both theoretical and practical trainings, including, first aid, orientation and trouble shooting in outdoor environment. He started by assisting a group that hiked Peaks of the Balkans being an invaluable asset to the team. Soon after the initial training, Fidan’s previous experience in mountaineering and his social skills enable him to lead groups by himself. Independently he has worked with numerous satisfied clients climbing mountains in Kosovo.  Previous experience Fidan is a graduate on Faculty of Mechanical and Computer Engineering at the University of Mitrovica. He has also worked as a trainer for Umcor, an international NGO. He has trained people in pace building and conflict management after getting his training in international programmes.  Fidan interacted with people from different backgrounds and ethnicities in sometimes tense political situation that are […]

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  • BBC on Arineta
    May 17, 2019 Grabbing travel world headlines

    Our guide Arineta Mula a Peaks of the Balkans specialist, is portrayed in the BBC travel section, as the women who has conquered Everest. We are very proud that we have worked and still work with a person like the BBC heroine. In 2018 we have made a special trip hike with Arineta which took a group of clients through Peaks of the Balkans. Our company continues to offer trips in the Accursed Mountains with Arineta and our other guides who have mastered this profession.  We have included new trips in the Accursed Mountains and now also in Sharr mountains in south of Kosovo neighbouring North Macedonia and Albania.  To book a trip or to hike with Arineta please contact us and we will make an itinerary for you, you can also check our open groups. In July we have a surprise discount for all booking which are for 2 or more people. Click here Enjoy the BBC reading about Arineta. 

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  • Pob April10
    April 30, 2019 A hike accompanied only by nature – Peaks of the Balkans in April

    Balkan Natural Adventure opened the season of the Peaks of the Balkans trail with a hike in midd April, a silent human-less experience in majestic mountains of Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro, says our guide Adriatik.  Our Israeli client Issi took a solo trip with our guide Adriatik to do a small loop track starting in Valbona, going through Montenegro, Vusanje/Vuthaj coming back to Theth Albania and passing the iconic pass Theth to Valbone to end what we at BNA calls short Peaks of the Balkans trail. “There was snow but it was still hard and we could walk on top of it, we did not need the snowshoes”, explains Adriatik. “When we stopped for lunch in Qafa e Perslopit 2050 we enjoyed the food we had taken and plunged into unspoiled sounds of nature only. As a guide I spend a lot of time in the mountains, but these unspoiled moments are rare and beautiful”. Hike from Albania to Montenegro On the first day we went from Valbona (Albania) to Vusanje (Montenegro). A hike outside the classic Peaks of the Balkans trail and it has a very peculiar geographic feature. All the streams that are in the Albanian side end […]

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  • Maja Arapit Kuta
    April 8, 2019 Our fight against rubbish

    For every booking above 600 Euro Balkan Natural Adventure will fund at least 15 litres of rubbish removal from the Peaks of the Balkans Trail. Adventure and natural tourism is more than a business. It is a passion it is delivered only when people love doing their job. Think of a guide who does not love mountains or a guide that will litter during you hike. It would spoil everything.  Balkan Natural Adventure is founded by passion and we see that our work in making our mountains known is making them vulnerable to littering and pollution.  We can not change the world but we can make a mark and make a difference. (Join us for our first collective action 4 may 2019:  How are we going to remove the rubbish  There are three ways that we will implement this task: The guide walking with you will collect while hiking removing litter from the bare nature or how it is now nicknamed plogging; Your luggage transfer people while walking with horses will collect rubbish on their way, and we will take special actions with our guides to collect the littering.  Engagement of guides to collect litter during the hike or […]

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  • Theth Valbone Prill3
    May 3, 2018 Hiking and siesta in the Accursed Mountains

    Balkan Natural Adventure guides Arineta (Hike with Arineta) and Adriatik have led the first Peaks of the Balkans group in April in 2018. This was also the opening of the season not only for the company but for the mountains. This was the first tour that passed from Theth to Valbona this year. The road was bravely opened for Spanish visitors, who found time to take a siesta. A practise that both Adriatik and Arineta enjoyed – Here is their story. The hiking in Kosovo started in Reka e Allages with a climb in the Hajla Mountain, which continues to Drelaj. In a classical Peaks of the Balkans hike one would skip Hajla and walk in asphalt road.  BN Adventures has added the Hajla peak and cut the asphalt road from hiking. This asphalt is turned into a 20 minutes transfer, which was done the next day. The hike in Montenegro was an amazing mosaic, with patches of snow through the whole panorama. The glacial lakes were partly covered by snow but next to the woods the white was bringing out the green and creating incredible views. This hike passes through two glacial lakes, which also became the siesta location […]

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  • Albania Culture
    May 1, 2018 Cultural experience with Leonidha

    Discover cultural tours in Albania while driving your or a rented car. Meet local people visit hidden villages, caves and beaches, away from the crowd.  Balkan Natural Adventure will make sure you get to the best spots. We are introducing you our cultural experience expert Leonidha Thoma Mako. Born in South of Albania Leonidha has studied tourism in Nicosia, Cyprus, to find jobs in US in some prestigious hotels in the management level. Pushed by the beauty and love of Albania Leonidha returned home to start its own business and work as a guide in the lovely Southern Albania, and in Kosovo. Leonidha knows the secret corners of this diverse region. As a diver and a mountaineer he has been on -20 as well as in plus 2000 altitude to experience and find the secrets of Albania. Hidden beaches, caves in the sea, mule rides and polyphonic concerts in bucolic villages with freshly made food, would be some of the choices. Ideal for families with kids. Leonidha can help you design your own cultural tours in Albania or elsewhere in the Balkans where native Albanian is spoken, in a self guided driving tour or he can himself guide you through the […]

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