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    Deçan the cultural tour

    The Culture of Deçan is rich and unique for its mix of rural and traditional Albanian culture. Being that, as a society, the Albanians carried their culture through the word of mouth. This area is esteemed by the diversity, quality and their historical significance.

    Located at the foot of Mount Beleg and crossed by the Deçan’s  Lumbardh, Deçan is the access point for two of the country’s major visitor sites. The southern part of the park National Monument  to the Acursed Mountains. The Orthodox Monastery of Deçan (Visoki Decani) houses the world’s most richly decorated medieval church. Population of this municipality has around 40,000 inhabitants, with an ethnic Albanian majority. 

    During the 1998–1999 war, Deçan was one of the strongholds of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Subsequently suffered a large amount of infrastructure destruction by the Serbian police and paramilitary forces.

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    What to visit in Deçan

    Deçan has a wealth of cultural and historical monuments that belongs to different periods. They represent a treasure of materialistic and spiritual values.

    Deçan Mosque

    The Deçan Mosuqe it is among the oldest and most famous Ottoman architecture monuments in Kosovo, built in 1851. Building has a rectangular base, covered with hipped roof and with minarets. The mosque belongs to Islamic-Albanian style, in a technique that is identified with towers. Just because of that it is incorporated with the old environment complex of Deçan.

    Deçan Monastery

    The undisputed highlight and a real must for any visitor to Kosovo is the astonishing Monastery of Deçan. Built in the midst of the 14th century, it lies in the picturesque surrounds of the Deçan Canyon. 

    In 2004, Deçan Monastery was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List “as one of the most valuable examples of life in the Paleontological Renaissance in Byzantine drawings” and “valuable documentation of life in the 16th century”. 

    A wall surrounds the monastery and as you enter the complex through an impressive gate, a majestic view opens up in front of you. The church walls are built with carefully hewn blocks of red-purple and light-yellow marble. It is set against a beautifully composed monastic complex. Take a moment and enjoy this peaceful setting before entering the church itself. 

    A route, right next to the monastery, leads on the Gjeravica, which at 2656 meters is the highest peak in Kosovo.

    Shabanaj Watermill

    One of the oldest objects in town, the Shabanaj Watermill was built in the 19th century in the center of Deçan . This watermill served as a public facility for the needs of the population of Deçan , beyond grinding grain. The facility as a whole is built with hewn and non-hewn stones, it has a simple hipped roof and it is covered with traditional tiles. The grinding mechanism consisted of two grinding stones of the mill, which functioned due to water pressure. Currently, the watermill serves for various exhibitions, with an emphasis on traditional handcrafts and costumes of the Dukagjin Region.

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