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    Balkan Natural Adventure – FAQ

    What is Peaks of the Balkans?

    Peaks of the Balkans trail is one of the best Balkans hiking adventures. The trail goes through three countries, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro touching different cultures and different natural environments. This is considered as one of the most diverse trails in the world. The original Classic Peaks of the Balkans trail is a 10 day trip in three countries. However since its design more than 10 years ago new paths have been developed and new versions have appeared. They are of different length and style, As Balkan Natural Adventure we believe we add value by designing our original versions.

    Why Balkan Natural Adventure?

    Balkan Natural Adventure experts have made new versions which eliminate asphalt walking and uncomfortable hikes. Additionally, the company has created versions that include some of the best highlights and last from 4 to 15 days. On our design endeavour for Peaks of the Balkans trips we organise travel experiences with start or end from any of the countries or airports in the region (Tirana, Prishtina, Podgorica, Skopje, Sofia, Nis, Belgrade, Dubrovnik and Tivat). We will find best option for your trip based on your travel dates, airports, accommodation style and physical condition. Write to us, or continue reading for our options: Balkan Natural Adventure Private tour on Peaks of the Balkans; Self Guided tour Peaks of the Balkans; Open groups Peaks of the Balkans.

    When is the best time to Hike Peaks of the Balkans?

    The best time to hike the Peaks of the Balkans trail is from middle of June to end of September. In the last few years October has provided a springy weather with autumn colours, while rainy days in June have increased. October offers a challenge as the days start becoming colder and shorter. However, the colour palette, cool temperatures, empty trails, make the hike in this month a special experience.
    In spring, April and May are also good times to hike. However, this is suitable only for shorter itineraries that cover only some parts of the trail. There will be patches of snow and sometimes snow covered regions which will require snowshoes, available to rent at Balkan Natural Adventure. The company has implemented late April and May hikes which went smoothly. Contact us for more information or a phone discussion with one of our guides.

    How is accommodation in the Peaks of the Balkans?

    There are two main types of accommodation in the trail, guest houses and hotels. To do all the trail you will need to go in joint rooms in guest houses as in some parts only that is provided. However if you want to retain your privacy and commodity at the hotel there are very nice hikes you can do which are part of this trail. Guest houses are generally clean they provide warm water, proper bed and clean sheets. All guest houses provide food and a very warm welcome.

    Camping in the Peaks of the Balkans is possible and this is done by using the yard of the guest houses, who will gladly offer this to you. You can do also wild camping in Albania and Kosovo while in Montenegro it is restricted.

    How many people are in a group?

    The average group of Balkan Natural Adventure for Peaks of the Balkans is 8. The maximum number of people we take in a group is 12. However in these cases we will provide the second guide.