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  • Rugova mountains
    Hiking in Rugova Mountains

    Hiking in Rugova Mountains is a must when you visit Kosovo. This valley is part of the Accursed Mountains and it includes the region around the riverbed of Lumbardhi i Pejes. These peaks, cliffs and fields — home of 12 villages — are mostly populated only during the summer. The most interesting hiking in Rugova is the Hajla peak 2405.  This peak also marks the border with Montenegro. This is a rocky mountain crest surrounded by woodlands and fields. It’s rich with flora and fauna. It is also used as an area for pastures for both sheep and cow. Other things to do when hiking in Rugova Further north the Village of Boge is the most populated village and it hosts several hotels and guest houses. The village is overbuilt however in the winter there is a 1 kilometre ski lift which works also during the night. In-between Hajla and Boge is the village of Reka e Allages where Mustafe Nikci in his guest house called Ari, hosts guests who hike Peaks of the Balkans and Via Dinarica. You can hike from Mustafe to the next Guest house doing a one day trail of the Peaks of the Balkans. See […]

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  • The accursed mountains
    Peaks of the Balkans Trail

    Balkan Natural Adventure organises on demand trips to the Accursed Mountains. The hike takes from 6 to 15 days to pass through all three countries and visit best highlights. Best time to travel June to September. Contact us at: virtyt@bnadventure.com. For more information, read bellow what has been said about this trail: “This remote and mysterious mountain range, much of it accessible only by foot, offers more than beauty. It hosts shepherds and goatherds and ancient pastoral traditions that have yet to be destroyed by mechanisation. In its isolated villages, traces still survive of a centuries-old code of conduct that combines extremes of punishment and generosity”, Martin Fletcher the Financial Times, a tour run by Balkan Natural Adventure. Search Google to read the full story “The path literally links Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox enclaves, as well as Slavs and numerous Albanian tribes in three adjoining national parks, each showcasing the border region’s inestimable beauty. Towering rock walls scream for thousands of feet into an unimpeachable sky. Farmhouses gather like asters in valleys. Wolves and lynxes pad through landscapes soaked in green”, Tim Neville The new York Times. Contact for your personalised itinerary Virtyt Gacaferri. Peaks of the Balkans is a […]

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